Project Post #3

What Happened?

The past few weeks in Nova Lab have been very productive. With the Living Now endeavor, we have made the most progress. In the past few weeks, we went on our first short-hike, finished the editing for the video, put in an order for our t-shirts, launched our Instagram, and finished planning our Fall Break trip. We made a lot of progress in terms of the project, and everything is starting to come together. Also, the Living Now team went on a field trip along with other Nova Lab students to Corbett Inc.’s Flux Space in Norristown, PA.

The trip was very productive. The space was still in progress, but there was plenty of innovative furniture. There were plenty of tables and movable whiteboards. Not to mention the space itself, which was an abandoned woolen mill with plenty of natural light. The furniture combined with the space itself allowed us to get into a certain zone. It’s hard to describe this heightened feeling of productivity (there should be a word for this phenomenon). We even had the opportunity to present in front of a panel of innovators, and even the CEO of Corbett Inc., Bill Corbett. We learned a lot from this experience. More than what we learned, this presentation and the ensuing feedback was very inspiring. We left with a newfound sense of motivation towards Living Now.

Green Lane trip

So What?

The importance of the past few weeks was monumental. As discussed in the previous project post, we were able to build upon the solid foundation. We have everything we need to be successful as a result of the past few fortnights. More importantly, however, the field trip to Flux Space lit the fire under our feet. I don’t think we understood how good the idea was until we received all positive feedback from other designers in the community, especially Bill Corbett. We are now very motivated and focused on Living Now, to the point where we are quite literally losing sleep over it. That’s how passionate we are.

What Next?

Tomorrow, November 23rd, we are releasing our first mini-edit on Instagram of Green Lane. After, The Living Now team has planned three-day trips over our Fall Break. We are bringing 5+ guests and are planning on making a culminating video of the experience.  We also plan on getting lots of content over fall break to continue posting on Instagram. We are also planning on selling our shirts once we get them. Overall, the future is very exciting for the Living Now team!

Update: The project has made major strides since the posting of this blog. Check out our website here.

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